Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why is it...

Why is it that the project calling to me is not that the one with a deadline? :-) I’ve got two things I want to work on (well, one of them is three smaller things, but I’m thinking of it as one big thing, to keep my head from exploding,) and for some reason it’s the novel that is filling my head, not the novellas. I let myself roll with it and worked on the novel, but only for today. Can't really complain though, because the words are flowing and I'll flip back soon.

Earlier in the week we had a couple of days away on a city break in Durham, much enjoyed and appreciated. It's freezing cold here in the north of England at the mo, but brilliantly sunny. The countryside on the drive was particularly beautiful, truly Christmas card worthy because of the unusual frost on the trees.

Just check out this photo from the local TV station website! I love this kind of weather.

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