Monday, January 21, 2008

We're off to RWA, on a jet plane, don't know if we'll ever be sane again

Oh my, I haven’t posted here in ages. Naughty me. Last week was crazy, lots of “real life” chaos going on, car servicing, an ill man in the house, appointments all over, and a raft of emailing about projects for this year. That’s my excuse. But I’m back and things are moving along like wildfire.

Today I got my place booked on the RWA conference in San Francisco. Got to say, that was a crazy few hours there, dealing with “the system” (cough) and making sure it was all done and dusted and I wasn’t booked in for a walk on the moon instead of what I was aiming for. I think we’re safe. Of course double-checking seems fraught with tension. I’m guessing the database is crazy with people booking in at the mo.

Exciting! I’m just filled with glee at the thought of meeting my editors and my agent, so many people who I consider my dear friends and colleagues, women I’ve grown to know over the last few years but haven’t met in the flesh as yet. And my CP, who I haven’t seen for…gulp, 8 years. It's going to be fab!! I'll have totry to calm down for the next few months, or I'll never get anything done. :)

I’ll be travelling over with my wonderful local buddy, Wendy/Portia, and we’ll have a riot, I’m sure. We’re trying to bend a few arms to make our pair into a girl-gang. ;) Yeah, a gang of erotic romance authors. Be afraid, be very afraid…

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