Monday, January 07, 2008

Dazzled author ogles catalogue with stupid grin on face

You'll have to humour me here, because this post might make me seem a bit dippy. Okay, even more dippy..?

I try to be a sophisticated and professional author on my blog, (ahem, mostly, I have no control when there are kitties involved,) but mostly I don’t feel like an internationally published author. I'm here in my little house, engaged with my current story and fielding the doubts and worries, and the successes don't feel real. I look at the books on my shelves with my name on, and I can’t fathom it. Really, I’ll pick up a book and I can’t believe this thing is something I’ve created. It's not like we don’t celebrate each and every achievement I make, we do. (Any excuse, and it’s a good excuse. ;) But somehow I can’t feel it sinking in, fully, ever. I’m still dazed and confused and amazed that this has even happened for me. Even if I never sell another story, I’m eternally grateful to the editors who liked my work and gave me a break, and the readers who enjoyed one story, and bought another.

I see other authors who are so polished, who take it in their stride and live up to it, but I confess I don’t feel like that. Keep in mind I don’t even get to see most of my books on the shelves in bookshops. I’m hoping to make it over to the RWA conference this year, and I think that will do me a lot of good because I’ll get to meet some of my editors and my agent. I may faint, as it finally sinks in that I actually did sell a story, or two. :-)

Anyway, what brought this confession on, you may be asking. Today the postman brought a package from Penguin, and inside was something I'd never seen before. A catalogue. It’s for Summer 2008 and it includes my novel, RECKLESS. I got all hot and cold at once when I saw it, and narrowly avoided tears. Yeah, I know, how daft. But things like this bring it home to me, and I'm kind of stunned. I read the "sales points" and I thought, "Is that really about me?"

I scanned the page to show my Mum and Dad :o} so if you're curious about these things, you can see it here.

Okay, I’ll try to get back to being a sensible grown-up ASAP. Promise.


ZaZa said...

Mmm, "one of the queens of erotic romanc." You are, you know. You may not grasp it, but the rest of the writing and reading world do.

Congrats and biiiiig (((hugs)))!

Nikki Magennis said...

Hehe! Darlin, I love you dazzled with a stupid grin!

A big congrats, for the catalogue, but mostly for feeling it. You fully deserve to feel queenly!

Cynthia Eden said...

Oh, Saskia, congrats to the "queen!" You have amassed so much success--and you should be very proud.