Saturday, November 24, 2007

Stocktaking with Sven

I’ve moved my Sven word counter paraphernalia down in my menu because I figure I’m the only one interested in looking at my little word counters and they were making the place look untidy :) It's going well, but I wish I were working on one big project with a nice neat work count to aim for, like most of the writers taking part in the challenge, but apparently the old story machine hasn’t dealt me that card this time around. Sven is making it fun for me though. I’m enjoying the group because it’s not overly competitive, (which doesn’t work for me at all,) it’s more of a general support group with thoughts on the highs and lows of the writing process.

I’m pretty much where I had wanted to be on my to-do list, which is good news. We're going away for a couple of days in the cathedral city of Durham at the end of next week, partly a Christmas shopping trip and partly a break away from the PCs. I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff I want to wind up before then. It’s a busy time, so I've got to move it and shake it!

Anyway, on a more fun note, here's a recent photo of me! Mark got a new phone with a pretty decent camera, better than any actual camera I’ve ever owned, in fact, so here I am in my new glasses. Do they make me look brainy, or nerdy? LOL. And yes, I am standing outside a pub, hence the big smile, cos I'm about to go in. ;)


ZaZa said...

Definitely not nerdy. I'd smile, too. Hmmm. Maybe I'll make myself one of my Olive cocktails when I go down to make din, now that you've put the idea in my mind.

As for doing mostly short things, that just means that you have the satisfaction of finishing several times, rather than just once. /;+)

Saskia Walker said...

Good point, more endings to celebrate, I like it! :-)