Monday, June 18, 2007

Moody rock gods...

I'm off to get my fill of them, live, tonight. Hehehe.

Happy sigh.... :)


Nothingman said...

Type o negative ROCK!!~!

Lucky you, gonna see them!!

Have fun


Bibi said...

Yay! It should be a great time. Throw the big guy a kiss for Bibi. ;+)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

That bottom guy is BEAUTIFUL. Where'd you dig him up, and would you share, please?

(yeah, this is me who ran my city's metal scene and can name any band in two notes but give me a picture and forget it! It's even worse when I'm faced with them. "Umm, which one are you again?" Yeah, it's all about the music, which is funny 'cause now I write about the personalities.)

Saskia Walker said...

Hi N, you are so right! This was my fourth time to hear them live. They always give a good show but its been a long while since they played England so I was glad we could be there. It was like a double headliner for me, both bands rocked!!

Bibi, I did. :) I also thought a lot about last time when we saw them together. What a crazy night that was. LOL

Susan, isn't he just. It's pete Steele, lead singer/bassist for Type O Negative. He often gets used as "model" for this here writer's heroes. If you haven't seen the Playgirl shots he did, mail me and I'll send you the link ;) saskiawalker @ (no gaps)