Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Weekend over and out

Easter weekend flew by, I hope it was good for you! For us it was a combination of me proofing galleys and writing (finally getting back to it, after lots of unpleasant real life interruptions -- and about time too, my work schedule looks hellish thanks to those interruptions,) sorting stuff in the attic, a big clear out, (this so we can sleep up there in a couple of weeks when we paint the bedroom, I’m bad with paint fumes,) and having some chill time in the city while it wasn’t heaving with shoppers. First we went goodie-gathering at the Chinese supermarket, (yum, we always come out loaded up with supplies including crockery, loose green tea, good fresh tofu, noodles and a veritable cornucopia of spices.) We also ate out (chilli chicken ramen! More yummy goodness,) and then we hit the bookshops.

We have two large shops in the city that we check out, Borders and Waterstones. I buy all my books online so visiting the book shops is more about seeing what’s out and gauging trends at a glance. It’s also like visiting with friends. I know that probably sounds weird, but I go along and spot all my friends books on the shelf, grinning like an idiot. This amuses Mark no end. :) In terms of my own US-published work, only the short story anthologies make it over at the mo. Cleis Press especially do very well in the UK and I always see books with my work stocked and selling over here, which is lovely.

What’s impressive is that the romance and the erotic book shelves are expanding in the shops we frequent. Lots of stock and a much wider range. Kensington Aphrodisia books are there, the whole list! It’s sad for me that Berkley Heat isn’t distributed the same way. The Berkley Sensation books are, but not Heat. I get a real buzz from seeing so many of my pals in the States with books available here though. What was also interesting was my first Red Sage publication spotting in the UK, Angela Knight’s novel FOREVER KISS. That was a treat. Maybe some of the anthologies will make it into the system too. I checked out with the company owner and she said there is now distribution through Borders in English speaking countries. Hurrah!

More from me later. Have a great week!


Bailey Stewart said...

I do that, point out people I know to whoever is bookshopping with me. I get the giggles. Then I turn people's books out so customers can see them. Our local Borders finally put the erotica with the mainstream romances (they used to be separated in the back).

Saskia Walker said...

I'm glad it's not just me who does all those things, Bailey :) That seems to be the way things are going in Borders over here as well. They still have the erotica section with the straight erotica and sex writing, memoirs etc, but a lot of the novels that were in there have been moved into the romance section, ie Aphrodisia, Black Lace, Cheek etc. It must be a chainwide move. Interesting to track these things ;)

Pamela J Weatherill said...

Hey! BOrders has arrived in Perth Australia ... YAYAYAYAYA! :-) Whoops ...excuse the excitement ... but I knew you would understand ha ha!

Saskia Walker said...

That's fab news, Pamela!! Having Borders in the UK has made such a difference to book availability for us.

Portia Da Costa said...

Have only ever visited Borders in London so far...

We must get together in our local one soon!!!