Thursday, April 12, 2007

Publication day: AGAINST THE GRAIN is now available

AGAINST THE GRAIN, an erotic futuristic romance novella, is now available as an ebook at Extasy Books. This story is my foray into a far distant future world, a tale where I consider what sex and society might be like in the future.

Here's the blurb:

In Delfidian, a future world where homosexuality is the norm and heterosexuality is seen as a throwback to ancient times, two female lovers break the rules in order to be with males. Forbidden fruit has never tasted so good, but what will the consequences be?

Inspired by the eternal question: "what will sex and gender be like in the future?" AGAINST THE GRAIN is a voyage into a future world where sexuality has evolved. In Delfidian, sexuality is controlled by a society that governs whom its citizens should be attracted to. Sexual desire is a powerful force, one that will make us break down boundaries and flout norms when we are in its grip. Trying to control it can only spell trouble....


Aurora clenched her thighs together, crushing her pounding clit between them. Lust was running her ragged, her skin alert to every sensation, a nagging ache at her core demanding action and soon. To keep from touching herself, she reached for her viewcom, running her fingers along its polished chrome frame, wishing she could reach out and touch him instead. Sullivan’s image flickered and then came back into focus. Her hand automatically went to her keypad. “Oh, I thought the connection had broken.”

He shook his head. “Still here, and I’ll be back on planet in just few days.”

Heat welled again between her thighs in response to that promise. She wanted him here. She was desperate to see him. Females weren’t expected to develop strong feelings of attachment to males, but she had. Just looking at his ruggedly handsome face on the viewcom had her desire running rampant. He looked so human, so darkly attractive with his mane of thick hair hanging to his shoulders and his deep brown eyes. He smiled. “You look well.”

His words flattered her. At first she had taken his manner toward her to be respect for his status as a procreator. They had been brought together to mate in the ancient human way, and they respected the roles they shared. Then it occurred to her that his attitude might indicate something else. Right now, there was a sexual edge to his expression. It did strange things to her. She felt as if he had touched her, stroking her pussy in preparation for their joining. Her body was buzzing with need. Did he want it? Did he enjoy it as well? She knew that he missed the male lover he’d had to leave behind when he’d been assigned to her, but could it be that he felt an attachment to her, too? She chastised herself when she realized her thoughts were wandering. It was unexpectedly good sex; that was all. “Yes, I am well. Thank you. And you?” Unable to resist any longer, she clasped one hand over her pussy through the fabric of her gown.

Please note, this novella contains m/f, f/f and group sex, a whole lot of loving!

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NB: This novella was previously available on the Erotic Authors Association Signature Series, and is based on a short story called "Delfidian" which was published in SEXTOPIA, an anthology edited by Cecilia Tan for Circlet Press.

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Portia Da Costa said...

Happy Publication day for AGAINST THE GRAIN! Hope you get many yummy sales!