Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My familiar and her white whisker

We can't seem to get Big Cat to sit still for a moment when a camera is involved (that's why the picture is so blurry) but we had to try to capture her white wand/whisker for public viewing!


Portia Da Costa said...

Aw, that whisker is awesome! And BC is such a cutie... :)

Kuffer has a thing with his eyebrows... he just has *one* white one at each side... and when he sheds one or the other from time to time, he looks really weird until the new one pops up! LOL

Saskia Walker said...

LOL I can picture it. BC had one in the exact same place last summer and it fell out, so I wanted to capture this one before it went too. She can't understand my fascination with it ;))