Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Amazon plog go bye bye

Am I the last to know? I went to blog on my Amazon "plog" and it had gone, pfft. I couldn't find the link to post and after ages hunting around (cursing) I went to look at my book pages to try to get in that way, and none of my posts were there. At first I thought it was bad juju because I had ranted about the system here :) Then I checked out a couple of other authors, their posts had all gone too. So I mailed Amazon. Apparently the Plog system has "made way" for something called Amazon Daily. Nice of them to let us know! I can't say I'll be mourning it. I never did warm to the set up, but advance notice might have been appropriate.

Update: well the messages are back on book pages again, so what is the difference in the new system, I wonder.


Tempest Knight said...

I hate when companies change their services without previous warnings. Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on Double Dare my friend!!
I am proud of you!!