Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Author meetz

What a lovely way to open the new writing year. I spent a good portion of today with the legendary Queen of S&M, Portia Da Costa! I don't know what I'd do without these uplifting sessions wth my good pal. My only complaint is that time speeds up whenever we get together, it must do... Usually we manage 3 rounds of coffee and refreshments, today I was just about to get the third round in and I realised my three hour parking time was up! Yikes, I’m sure time plays tricks on us. It goes by in a flash. I'm sure we could talk forever about the writing business.

It was a good day to do this, because we always take stock of what we’ve got out there and what’s happened in between. We're both waiting to hear back on stuff (that's pretty much as per usual) but with the dawn of a new year and things opening up again at the publishing companies we got a tad excited and hopeful. Let's hope that feeling lasts and speeds our work!

During the course of the conversation it transpired that our blog hits had both shot up after we got our Scarlet Magazine awards. Portia got “best lesbian sex scene” and I got “best anal sex scene” After we announced these awards our visitor count shot up. Hmm. I wonder why. Ha! I guess we should make a public service announcement. For those of you who arrived here after googling “anal sex” or “lesbian sex” -- you’ll find those things in our books! :)


Portia Da Costa said...

I had an awesome time today, mate! Totally brilliant, and the only problem is how fast the hours fly by once we start gossiping... oops, sorry... networking. :)

Our lunches always leave me feeling uplifted and creatively energised!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... I found your site by ummm....Visiting Barnes and Nobles after being depressed...Although-
yeah the anal sex scene..*laughs* was different.... This Halloween every one is getting lube!