Thursday, December 21, 2006

Just because...

it makes me chuckle.


callistre said...

Hello from Georgia-

Out of a suck depression I went to Barnes and Nobles, saw your book Double Dare- started reading, read the whole book, bought it, and LOVE IT!!!!!

I was wanting to know if it was ok if I mentioned it on my blog??? Please let me know.

Cannot wait to read your other works!

PS.. that post is FUNNY!

Saskia Walker said...

Hi Callistre! Thank you so much for calling by. Your message made my day!! I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed Double Dare, that means so much to me. Yes, please feel free to mention it on your blog or anywhere you like.

PS glad you enjoyed the Santa post. ;)

Jordan Summers said...

You are such a meanie. *ggg*

Saskia Walker said...

Wicked witch of the west, that's me ;-) *cackle*

Bailey Stewart said...

Oh, that is just so wrong ... ROFLMAO