Sunday, November 05, 2006


Oh yes, it's cold here now. Our lovely feline, Big Cat, has moved her place of residence in from the garden for the season, and is now mostly indoors. She seems to have taken to my office at the mo (which pleases me no end, as she twines round my ankles while I'm writing, the sort of thing I used to dream of years back,) and has made her home on a stack of magazines, topped by the Romantic Times! How adorable! Must try to find the camera. Meanwhile, here's a picture of her getting warm by the fire. Don't you think she looks like she's saying: "hey, me and the fire, we go way back." Either that or "line 'em up bartender." LOL


Anonymous said...

Big Cat is gorgeous! What a cutie...

Feeling sad here cat-wise. A neighbour's cat who we knew quite well, Norman, has just been knocked down and killed by a lorry.



Saskia Walker said...

That's heartbreaking. :( I remember you mentioning him. You'll miss his little visits.