Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Quick hello and update

Thanks to all of you who’ve been calling by and leaving me comments even though I haven’t been posting here very much.

Work on UNVEILING THE SORCERESS is going well, (if a tad slowly due to the huge cast LOL) and I’m now into the last third of the book where everything is fast moving and action packed. I’m falling into bed at night exhausted after the writing, a good sign! Looking ahead, November and December I will be doing a bunch of shorts and a couple of partials. I intend to take a proper break for Christmas this year. Well... I intended that last year but.. you know what I mean. Come January I’ll be working on my next contemporary erotic novel. Very excited about it and will post an excerpt in the near future.

In the meantime, I got another Romance Junkies review for DOUBLE DARE, it’s not online as yet but had to share it – just loved what the reviewer had to say:

DOUBLE DARE is one of the most erotically charged novels I've read in a while. Yet the book is not overpowered with sex but a good balance of plot and emotions. I loved the fact that Abby is unapologetic about her sexual needs and appetites. She is unafraid and it only makes her encounters with Zac more intense. Zac is attracted to Abby but I enjoyed how he didn't treat her like a fling but rather as an equal. Ms. Walker does a good job of showing Zac's feelings of guilt and his growing need to make things right with Abby. The secondary characters create an interesting flow to the story. There is even another love story following a similar vein as Zac and Abby's relationship. DOUBLE DARE is one of those stories that will have readers grabbing their significant lover for relief but at the same time, rooting for a happily ever after.
4.5 blue ribbons. Reviewed by Ann for Romance Junkies.

Okay folks, better get back to it.


Cathy said...

Wow, what a great review. Sounds like a story I would like.

Saskia Walker said...

Hi Cathy! If you pick up the book I hope you enjoy it.