Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Yummy things

I’m treating you to a picture of the gorgeous Danielle Dax. This is because I finished up a short fantasy story yesterday that was inspired by her wolfgirl character in The Company of Wolves. (Although it’s not a wolfgirl in my story, it’s just the image of the feral woman she played that stuck with me...) I wrote the story a couple of years back, but it didn’t quite work. I finally polished it off yesterday and I'm happy with it now.

Things are ticking over here, after a period of unrest. On top of things all arriving at once, and having to chase things that should have been done already, I’ve been worried about an immediate member of my family who is ill. Luckily things seem to be levelling off a bit, and I’m coping better. So, I’m multi tasking again. Working on UNVEILING THE SORCERESS, whilst also putting down a rough partial for a novella that begs to be written next, now called SWEET-TALKING THE OPPOSITION.

This past week, I’ve been spoiled by two of my editors who have grown to be treasured pals over the time I've worked with them. The ever-lovely Alison Tyler sent me my author copies of NAUGHTY STORIES Vol 4, and stuffed the package with belated birthday treats. I felt so pampered, really treated! Then, today, I received another gift from an editor who has also become a dear friend, Marilyn Jaye Lewis. She sent me a copy of her latest anthology, ZOWIE! IT’S YAOI! I can’t wait to get stuck into reading this one at the weekend. I’ll report back when I’ve thoroughly indulged myself on western girls writing about hot boys' love. Yum!

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