Sunday, September 10, 2006

Weekend, what weekend?

It was beautifully sunny here today, a late summer reprieve, and I spent all day hunched over doing my taxes. Groan. I hate that job so much. I’m not good with figures, but I'm stubborn and independent, and I want to do it for myself. I did an IR course, proved I could do it, and now I just curse my way through the wretched process every year LOL I rarely get in bad moods, but there’s nothing like the taxes to make me grumpy and foul-mouthed. Still, it’s done now, and my reward is a rather LARGE glass of red wine. I have to say it has been one of those weeks. Real Life took over, and let's just say I’m looking forward to a smoother week ahead. Here’s to it. ;-)


Nikki said...

Oh god, you've reminded me. I knew there was something I'd forgotten I had to do!

Bravo for finishing yours!


Saskia Walker said...

Hey Nikki, if the going gets tough, take a break and read THIS STORY by Alison Tyler. It will help. LOL

Madelynne said...

OMG... taxes! Being a hopeless worrier, I do mine the minute the reminder arrives in May. It's much better now you can file them on line, don't know if you've tried that yet?

Reckon you deserved that glass of wine.


Saskia Walker said...

You're so right, Madelynne. I vow to do it in April next time around. :)