Wednesday, September 06, 2006


THE HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOOK OF EROTICA is now shipping from and Edited by Alison Tyler, this anthology includes my new short story, "Party Girl on the Loose."

And speaking of Alison Tyler, if you enjoy erotica and you're not reading her blog, you should be! Alison is writing her erotic memoirs HERE. I feel sure we will see this published as a book, but it's fascinating reading the instalments as they go up. Go back a few weeks or click HERE, to find the start.... It's riveting.

And speaking of birthdays, :) I never did catch The Notorious Bettie Page at our local arthouse cinema, because a stack of things came in at once, so if you were wondering where my promised review was, I'll be doing it for the DVD release in a few weeks time instead.

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Jan Springer said...

Hi Saskia!!

Congrats on your release! Love the title "Party Girl ON The Loose" Very nice!

The anthology looks great!

I'll pop over to Alison's blog - sounds like fun. ;-)

Have a great day Saskia!