Thursday, August 10, 2006

Writing and the learning curve

After losing out two whole days to that dreaded thing called “Real Life,” I got stuck back into the fantasy novel today. I’m still reworking what was already there, and I think I'm having far too much fun with it. What do I mean? Well, just little things, like I've introduced a meddling, mischevious spirit guide for my hero, just to stir up trouble for him and his object of lust (the heroine.) Naughty me. I’d written well over a third of it, and as I mentioned before it needed updated. I’m about done with that, so things will start moving much quicker shortly, but I came to the last older bit today and I thought “you could do that so much better now” so I deleted the whole chapter. Sounds hard? It gets easier, believe me. I understand better now what makes a novel more dynamic, and how to achieve it. On the one hand, I'm impressed I’ve learnt something, on the other I wish I’d known it back then ;) Learning, always learning.

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In outside world news, this latest danger and chaos on flights makes my heart sink. Long haul travelling is a big deal for me anyway, but the potential long-term implications weighed heavy on me. Sad days. On that note, I hope everyone who calls by here is safe. It makes us step back and be glad of what we have. Hugs, all!


Bailey Stewart said...

I have an older story that I work on every once in a while and when I do it goes much faster than the current WIP - probably because I really know these characters.

Yeah, a friend of mine is in Scotland/Wales right now and I worry about her and her family coming home.

Saskia Walker said...

That familiarity with characters is super, isn't it!

I feel for your friends. What they're saying on TV here is that it's probably the safest time to travel, because they are being so thorough right now. It's time consuming, but necessary.

Alison Tyler said...

Hi Saskia,

The latest news is so sad and scary. I heard a program on NPR yesterday that focused on the different reactions to terror threats betweeen the US and the UK. Basically, the interviewee said that you all are much more "stiff upper lip" types than us. Crazy, that. I think everyone is disturbed by this sort of event. Regardless of which country we call home. Sending good thoughts your way....

Jordan Summers said...

I hear you on the always learning. It's amazing how long it takes to figure this craft out. I'm still in first grade. *ggg*

Saskia Walker said...

Jordan ~ glad it's not just me :) I often wonder if I'll ever get to the top of my learning curve. LOL

Alison ~ They also call it the Dunkirk spirit. :-) We're good at queuing and pulling together in a crisis. TBH, though, I think we're far too used to it. The years of terrorism with the IRA makes us more accepting, sad to say. In the years I lived in and around London I was detoured off motorways, stood outside Heathrow and delayed for hours with suspect packages, taken on and off tube trains, stuck in tube tunnels for hours, delayed and stopped travelling through London altogether due to bombs. It's not only frightening, it gets wearying, and (sad to say) people become desensitised (which is the worst of all.)