Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Panic? Who, me?

Things are hectic here, and that’s an understatement. I was halfway through doing line edits on THE STRANGELING when FedEx arrived with the edited SEX, LIES, AND BONDAGE TAPE for me to check over. I admit it -- there was a moment of sheer panic. I’m trying to promote the October release, while writing the May release, and edit the January release, when the February release arrives. I didn’t let it get a grip on me, oh no. I reminded myself that this is what it’s all about; writers deal with this all the time. In fact this is what I dreamed of life being like, being a full time writer. Like a snowball gathering speed. Well, it is. LOL And of course the most ironic thing of all is that when I finish this little lot, I have no idea what’s next, if anything at all… Ah… the panics, the uncertainties….

Looking at these two different things I'm line editing (one fantasy, one contemporary) I also have two different editing styles, one is electronic and one on paper. It reminded me I want to do a post on that subject and I will. When I was starting out as a writer, I scoured the net for writer experiences that I could learn from, and when I revamped my website I included a page of thoughts for aspiring writers. I’ve had some great feedback about that, and I’ve received email thanking me for bits and pieces I put on the blog too. So I started thinking maybe I should be more organised, and have a regular slot for writing bits and pieces. As from next week, look out for Wednesday is all about writing day.

Meanwhile, why not stop by the Berkley Babes blog where Mia King has a fun post about your first kiss, and wondering about the one that got away. Just click HERE to stop by, and why not add your secret to the comments? ;-)

Back to the job in hand. If I owe you mail it’s coming very soon! Hope you’re all doing well.


Cynthia Eden said...

Good luck with your editing, busy woman! And I'm sure you will come up with a great idea for your next project.

Saskia Walker said...

Hi Cynthia, and thanks for the good wishes. I'm feeling less panicked at the end of today, a good sign. ;)

Susanna D. said...

Dear Ms. Walker,
this is an off-topic question. I browsed your site for an email adress but couldn't find one, therefore I will try it by the way of your blog.

I am researching your upcoming release The Dare for an Italian review journal (print) specialized in romance and erotic romance. I couldn't find any detailed information about the genre. Is it simply contemporary, or does it include BDSM elements? If yes how strong are they? We are trying to introduce our readers to the "joy and pleasure" of erotic romance ;-), however, we need to -at least at this point- filter out the too strong BDSM stories because of reader reactions.

(Because of planning ahead, dealing with tight deadlines, release dates and tons of articles, translations, etc... we try to find as much information as possible in advance)

Thanks for your help.
Susanna D.

my email adress (without spaces)
derieux @ gmx.net

Saskia Walker said...

Hi Susanna
I'll mail you privately, but I'm also replying here, in case anyone else is curious. DOUBLE DARE doesn't have BDSM theme, the sexuality is more about having a secret affair, pretending to be someone you're not for the personal liberation that brings, (and then having to come clean when things get complicated.) There is also an exhibitionism theme which culminates in a fetish club in Paris. My forthcoming novella SEX, LIES, AND BONDAGE TAPE (in the KINK anthology) has BDSM elements, and they are playful, not hardcore. Hope that helps!

Sasha White said...

Ahh, I remember that panic. Youmight remember when I was that paniced a few months ago as well. LOL It Will pass Saskia, and there will be more jobs to come for you. You are super talented!

Thanks for the link to the inspirational page. I needed it today.

Saskia Walker said...

Thanks Sasha, I appreaciate that. You wonder why we choose this job eh? LOL