Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More being-a-writer oddities

Having got through the editing of the novel as it already stood (i.e. one-third written) I am now running through my outline and notes for the rest of the book. This fantasy novel is the most complex thing I will have written, with a cast of thousands (in true fantasy style, ha!) Well, not literally, but with four points of view and much magic and skullduggery going on, I’ve got to cross-reference everything before I press on, or I'll trip myself up. Have also started worrying about chapter length for some unknown reason, after several years of not giving it a second thought. How mad is that? My chapters have always fallen between 20 and 30 pages, with either one or two points of view changes per chapter. Recently it has worried me. I heard a rumour about shorter chapters being trendier. It’s amazing how the slightest hint of such a thing can send a writer in to worry overdrive. No editor has ever said this to me, and no one has ever hacked my chapters down. Yes, I’m a worrier. Besides, fantasy novels often have huge great chapters. Should just get on with the book, I know.

Amidst all of this I got some unusual writerly mail popping up. A British journalist looking for mums who write erotica, for research for an article. She’d found me via my web site. I’ve passed her e-mail on to the three erotica writing mums I know of, and told her if she ever wanted a disabled erotica writer, I’m her gal. It made me smile. Then I heard from a Penguin publicist, armed for action for the publication of DOUBLE DARE. You could have knocked me off my chair with a feather. How excited was I? Yes, very! It came at a good time, because I was trying to pull together the nerve to get in touch with the British press. I’ve been involved in promo work before, on behalf of Black Lace, so I was going to contact some of the same publications. Last time, however, I had the Virgin books publicity person, as well as the editor, boosting me up for the events. My ego and self confidence are always fragile. I thought of an appealing hook, in that I’m the first British author to be signed by Penguin for their new hot erotic romance line, Berkley Heat. But did I have the nerve to use it? Hmm. Anyway, the good news was I was able to chat with the publicist and she thinks it’s a great hook, and says I’m to go for it. I can blame her now, and feel much less responsibility. LOL That should help steady my ego a tad. I have to say, the writers journey has some usual and unexpected pit stops along the way. I'll continue to document them as I can for the interested parties out there.

Oh, and coming soon, more on Alison Kent’s CIG book HOW TO WRITE EROTIC ROMANCE. As I mentioned previously, I was involved in the round table discussion for the book. I’ve now got a chapter of the book that I will be reviewing here shortly. I’ve read it over once, and I can definitely say this is an excellent how-to book, not just for writing erotic romance, but for general fiction writing, too. More details on that soon. Hope you're all having a good week!


Tilly said...

Woo-hoo. I am putting together a disability media list for publiscising Equal Opps. I'm happy to share if you like.

Saskia Walker said...

Thanks Tilly, I'm subbed to most of what is out there. ;) TBH I want my writing to be measured for itself, not the circumstances in which I produce it. (Was going to say on its own two feet, not my wonky legs, but good taste prevailed. Erm...)