Saturday, August 05, 2006

KINK agogo!

Last night I heard some great news. Kate Seaver, my editor at Berkley, loved the novellas for the KINK project that Sasha and I put together. I’m so pleased. And – I admit it – hugely relieved. This was my first proper commission for Berkley. When they signed DOUBLE DARE it was already written. They could have asked me to change it, sure, but it was a done thing, so they either liked it or not. Thank god they did like it, but my point is that they commissioned and signed our novellas for KINK on a short proposal. This was a new situation for me. I loved writing the story, really enjoyed the characters and set up, but at the back of my mind I knew I really needed this one to prove I could bring out the goods on demand, too. It was a hurdle I had to get over, and I’m so pleased I’ve managed it. All these little stages on the writer’s journey, things that I wasn't even aware of as I started out...amazing stuff.

KINK is due out in February and we’ve already seen a draft of the cover. Verrry sexy indeed! Hopefully we’ll have the finished one to show you soon. Meanwhile you can read a taster from my novella, SEX, LIES AND BONDAGE TAPE, here. NB: adult content!

I’ve been working on the fantasy novel this morning, but we’re off out soon to party a bit. Grin. Have a great weekend!


wendywoo said...

Sex, Lies and Bondage Tape is another book I'm dying to read! Not only because I know it'll be fun and hot and beautifully written, but because it's a novella, and I'm interested in doing more novellas myself. It's a strange length and I imagine there's a special skill to it. It's gotta be all meat, a real treat, and nothing wasted...

Enjoy your partying! :)

Jordan Summers said...

Congratulations!!! Isn't that always a wonderful feeling? :D

raine said...

Congrats on that Kink, Saskia. ;-)

lynnejamneck said...


Do tell more about the fantasy novel..?

Saskia Walker said...

Thanks, all

Raine ~ lovely to see you back online.

Jordan ~ oh yes, it's the best feeling, isn’t it. I was hit by relief and joy at the same time, in fact I got quite high for a minute there. LOL

Wendy ~ they are a difficult length to master. My first (Summer Lightning) was an experiment, and very straight forward plotwise. With my second (Falling for Trouble) it was much more complex, maybe too much so for the length. Difficult finding the balance. I’m getting there now, but Sex Lies was a bit longer again, 40K, another new length to me. It had one strong sub plot alongside the main story, and that seemed to balance it quite well.

Lynne ~ Hi! Thanks for calling by. Coincidentally I just read on Sean Wallace’s journal that you had a story taken for Jabberwocky. Excellent. I’m thinking of subbing to the new Fantasy magazine.

The fantasy novel I’m working in (Unveiling the Sorceress) is my second for Wildside's paranormal romance line, Juno. This one is an exotic story set in ancient world, very much influenced by the Tales of Shaharazad and legends such as that of Solomon and Sheba. The setting and time period are perfect for a lot of sensuality in the writing; I’m really enjoying it. ;-) The main relationship is between a strong heroine, a leader of people, who falls in love with a nomadic magician who may or may not be an enemy. He has come to nurture her magical powers, but gets tangled in other ways. Hehe. Lots of additional characters that I’m having FAR too much fun playing with: the evil mother, a dark magician, a jealous ex, a frustrated jinneyah. There’s also a m/m romance subplot that is pivotal to the plot. I’m beginning to think I might spill over my original target of 80K, but luckily I can go up to 100K with Juno. I love writing contemporary, but I have a lot of fun writing fantasy as well.