Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cover art

Curious about how and when cover art is decided, and why it sometimes doesn't quite match the story? Check out THIS blog entry. Fascinating stuff from Irene Gallo, Art Director at Tor/Forge.


Marilyn Jaye Lewis said...

Very informative. Thanks for posting it.

Matthew North said...

Hello you :)


Saskia Walker said...

Marilyn ~ it was interesting wasn’t it. It mirrors my experience with Berkley. The first book was finished when they bought it and they chose the corset look based on a scene in Paris, near the end. It was great that they got the hair right, I have to say. With KINK, though, it was bought on proposal so they were already doing cover art while Sasha and I were just starting the writing. With it being an anthology they were going for mood, more than specifics. So, there is bondage in the anthology, but not handcuffs ;-) Near enough, but I hope the readers won’t be disappointed if that’s what they want.

Matt ~ hello gorgeous! I didn’t realise you were on blogger now as well as LJ. You’ve been busy. Coincidentally I was just doing acknowledgements for my latest, (set in the music world) and you, Niall P and Michael Johnson get a mention. ;-) I’ll get to your mail soon.