Thursday, July 13, 2006

Check it out

Berkley author Heather Waters has introduced an exciting new blogging idea, which promises to be a great resource for the romance community. Authors are posting about the source of the ideas for their latest publications at The Idea Boutique. I’m scheduled to post about the inspiration/s for DOUBLE DARE on the eve of its publication at the end of September. The blog has a bunch of fascinating posts up there already, and a great schedule ahead. Check it out here. Interesting stuff!


wendywoo said...

I wonder if Heather would be interested in my 'hero template' method for her site? And how it relates to my next new release?

Bailey Stewart said...

Trying to make a quick sweep through my blogs, so will check the link later, thanks for the info!

Heather Waters said...

Thanks for posting about The Idea Boutique Saskia! Looking forward to having you join us.

PS - my security word to post this is mecocks. Seriously.

Saskia Walker said...

LOL Heather. Lucky you with the security word! ;-)

No worries. The Idea Boutique is fascinating reading.