Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Rain, glorious rain

It has been blistering hot here in Yorkshire for over a week, and finally its broken. I’m so relieved. We’re not built for it, so working with a hot computer under a fan had to be done in stints. I’m pressing ahead with my partial for RECKLESS though, and should have it wound up tomorrow. This one is aimed at Berkley and I confess it’s never wracking sending it in. Whilst they have taken two projects from me, I’m not yet proved in sales, because the first book hasn’t come out. Each time actually feels harder than when I was just subbing everyone as a nobody hoping for a hit! Before I was signed, I read other writers saying similar things about the time after the first big sale, and found it hard to believe. Well, add me to the list. It doesn’t get easier on the other side of the fence. Okay, enough whining, on with the work. ;-) More blogging later. Have a great day!

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