Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Oops, forgot to blog

Whoops. I think I'm having too much fun plotting the two shorts I'm currently working on. They're going to be fun, and hothotHOT! Grin. They’ve got to be done and gone by the weekend, it'll be busy but not impossible.

It’s not all work, I’m glad to report. I've been breaking the constant work routine a goodly bit, this last ten days or so. Couple of weeks back, I got thoroughly disgusted with myself when I realised how badly I was sticking to my planned routine of not working weekends. I've been like a hamster on a wheel, mostly because I was playing catch up on the time when I'd been ill. Well, I may not have achieved perfection, but we’ve had a whole day off both the last weekends, and I've been partying a whole lot more, which I have to say the real me DEMANDS. Also caught up with my dear friend of 15 years (not a writer) Kate, for a lazy chinwag last week, much enjoyed.

The Man of the House and I hit the city this last weekend, pleased to report we had a lot of fun. Grin. We also raided the Oriental supermarket this week. It was partly brought on by the fact our favourite noodle bar is shut for a make over. Mark had a secret mission in mind…and last night he created home made sushi for the first time. It was really good. Much better than the M&S stuff I've been buying in. Oh my, I was in heaven! The only problem for him is that he'll be getting requests for more, all the time :-D

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ZaZa said...

Ah, to have my own private sushi chef. I wish I had the patience for it, but I don't. Do they have spicy California rolls there? They're really ersatz sushi, but they're tasty, and zippy enough even for you. ;+)