Thursday, June 15, 2006

Gardening, not my forte

Me, gardening. Snigger. I posted here about harbouring shrubs indoors when the advent of British summer was more like November in Siberia. We did eventually get them out, but lest you think I do this sort of thing a lot, NO! That was me making an effort, and this blog post may indicate why I should be kept well clear of gardening in the future...

When we bought the shrubs, we diligently noted which were supposed to grow taller, and the medium, small sizes too. We drew a diagram for our planting, making sure the tall ones were nearest the fence and so on. At first I didn't worry too much, just thought the ones we'd planted at the front were coming on faster. Can you see where this is headed? Ha! I think I might have messed up at some point, like maybe I held the diagram upside down? :o) Today I noticed all the plants are flourishing now, but the sizes graduate the wrong way. I’m laughing. Our neighbour will, no doubt, think we did it as some sort of joke. Whatever. Grin!

Still haven’t wound up my partial. I have another five or so pages to write. But I did get some great motivation to push me to the end!

This afternoon I heard that my short story, "Party Girl on the Loose," will appear in this upcoming Cleis press anthology, edited by the lovely Alison Tyler.

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Jordan Summers said...

Congrats!!! You're on a roll. :D