Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Visionary Tongue

Anyone who has read my bio will know I had my start in fantasy writing, and more specifically, in a British writer's collective small press project called VISIONARY TONGUE. Established by the British fantasy author, Storm Constantine, this was an exciting project that gave new writers the chance to submit to established authors for feedback, possible editing and publication.

Ten years on (yes, really, I’m shocked, I' ve been at it that long!) and VT has undergone many changes, but still going strong, under the guidance of the British poet Jamie Spracklen. If you’re an aspiring fantasy author, give it a look.

I had two short fantasies published in VT, and the first appeared next to an article about inspiration by Neil Gaiman (yes, I swooned!) Not being the best with self confidence in my own work, this early break was crucial in getting me established, getting me to believe I had storytelling skills and a strong voice, and...well, so it went from there. I also got to meet some fab people because of the VT connection, including Storm and Kim Newman.

So, we're up to issue 20, and with gorgeous cover art by Ruby, this very special celebration issue is now available. Lots of good stuff inside. As well as fiction, art and poetry, there are interviews with Storm and with sci-fi author Justina Robson, who also started out in VT. Oh and me, I say a few words. :) £2.50/$5 a copy. Check it out.

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Bailey Stewart said...

What a fabulous publication. And it sounds like a great way to start a career.