Saturday, May 27, 2006

Resolutions, ha.

After a heavy workday here at home on shady lane, I was reminded of my New Year resolution, which was to attempt to have weekends off. Ha! Well, circumstances mostly push me to it. I am currently playing catch up after being ill. I’m relaxing with a glass of wine now, to celebrate winding up the fantasy project I was working on, a rework of a novella. I added around 20K to it in the end, taking it from novella to category length (short novel) I really enjoyed the project, and look forward to hearing what my editor makes of it.

Next up I’m writing a partial for a Catalonia set erotic contemporary with a gothic edge. The plan is to have tomorrow off, do a bit of housekeeping, then hit the city. That means a mooch round Borders and Waterstones, a visit to our favourite noodle bar for chilli chicken ramen, and the Sam Smiths pub for their white beer and cider. :-) Hope you’re all having a great holiday weekend –- I think it's a holiday both here and stateside this time around.


wendywoo said...

Have a lovely day! And don't do too much housework... ;)

Saskia Walker said...

Thanks, Wendy. Housework, ha. Well I had good intentions.