Friday, May 19, 2006

Covers and contracts

Many thanks to everyone who sent me good wishes. I’m still fighting the demon chest infection, but things are improving slowly and I’m managing to get things moving work wise, thank the goddess. Lots of good stuff going on in the background, nevertheless!

I received my contract for my Juno books novel, which is always a cause to be cheery! In Berkley book news, I had a surprise at the start of the week, when I heard that erotic romance author Shiloh Walker (no, we're not related ;-) has read my novel, DOUBLE DARE, and given me a super cover quote. I didn't even know it was happening behind the scenes, so that put a smile on my face. In other Berkley news, Sasha White and I got to see a draft cover of our joint KINK project and can we say HOTHOTHOT? Sasha and I are still fanning ourselves two days on! All I’m going to say at this point (to tease you) is that it features black fishnet stockings. Yum. Hopefully we’ll have a finished version to flash you with soon. Hehehe.

I’ve got a few more days of work on my Juno novel, and then I’m back to working on a new proposal, a big erotic contemporary set in Catalonia, working title RECKLESS. This one is going to be torrid, with a dark, gothic edge to the plot. More yum. :-)


wendywoo said...

So much good stuff! It's all very exciting. I can't wait to see that new cover! :)

And 'dark, gothic edge'... I *love* the sound of that!

Zaz said...

Reckless sounds so good. I hope it's a go.