Saturday, May 13, 2006

Being John Malkovich

Last night we watched Being John Malkovich for the third time. This is a film I would easily list in my top 100 must-sees (heavens knows, Malkovich is. ;-) Aside from the ever-fascinating Malkovich, I loved the wackiness of the story, the hilarious "menage" scene, the sexy puppeteering, and the very sexy Catherine Keener. But I have to admit that on third viewing I discovered a strange phenomenon. It freaked me out somewhat. LOL The first time I watched it I thought it was the most amazingly surreal film, just brilliant screenwriting and acting. The second time I knew where it was going, so I was in it for the laughs. Third time? Third time around I noticed how much seriously £^&$ed up stuff there was going on in those people’s heads/lives. LOL Got to admire a film that views like peeling back the layers of an onion.

In other news, it's pouring with rain here after a beautiful couple of (almost summer) days. I’ve been busy writing today and getting on well with my current fantasy project. I also heard that I sold another short, which is always good motivation. GETTING GOOD DESIGNER OUTLET will appear in the next Black Lace Wicked Words anthology, Sex and Shopping. Wooohoo!!


wendywoo said...

We're anthology buddies again! I'm in Sex and Shopping too!

Sighs with relief... :)

Saskia Walker said...

Yay! First time since we were in MORE WICKED WORDS together! :)