Thursday, May 25, 2006

BEA, RT and daydreaming

I think I’m finally starting to shake off my chest infection and get back up to speed. Hurray! I’ve had the help of some fun online reading/photos these past few days. I’ve been vicariously enjoying two major US book events, thanks to the lovely people who blog about these things. I haven’t even been to the London book fair yet (hoping to get down next year and schmooze around with Wendywoo,) but somehow Book Expo America fascinates me even more. I think it's because so many of the people I know/admire/work with converged on it, from my editor at Juno books, to erotic romance colleagues signing at the RWA stand, to erotic publishers Cleis Press, to editors Violet Blue and Rachel Kramer Bussel. Rachel's daily blog reports gave me a vivid impression of the complete whirl of events and people, and check out Violet’s one woman stance against the bible belt publishers, as she signs for her book, FETISH SEX. Love those pics! Violet has also put a short video there to show the immense size of the event.

The Romantic Times convention in Daytona was a different kind of event altogether, and lured me with its camaraderie and partying. Many of my erotic romance writing pals congregated there. Lots of photos popping up over the net now, and I’m enjoying them all. Yesterday, I heard from the winner of the gift bag that I’d sent over for the charity prize draw. I was glad to hear it made it over at all, tbh! But the winner also told me she was able to wear the fishnets and feather boa I'd included, that very night, to a racy party. That made me very happy!

To top all this daydreaming about being at these events, I received my invitation to the Berkley authors cocktail party at the upcoming Romance Writers of America convention in Atlanta. Deep sigh. No, I won’t be able to make it this year, alas, but getting the invitation made this new girl long to be there with the other authors.

Both Mark and I have visited the US many times, but not together, and to combine it with one of these events would be ideal, although it will be a big trip for me (wonky leg and all.) We muse on it frequently and keep trying to figure out which is the best one of these events for us to aim for. RWA Dallas convention in 2007 lures us, but logistically the one in San Francisco in 2008 is the winner, because on top of all the pals and colleagues who will travel for the convention, I’d also get to spend time with my CP, Zaz, who lives a couple of hours outside SF. Many of the erotica editors I’ve had the good fortune to work with also live around the area, including Alison Tyler and Violet Blue. But 2008 is so far away! Ach, I suppose it will come round fast enough…


wendywoo said...

LBF '07? It's a date! :)

Next year will be interesting in terms of UK Book Fairs as the Frankfurt Book Fair people are also running an event in London, to which many big publishers have apparently already signed up...

Maybe we can go to both? ;)

Saskia Walker said...

Excellent! :) What fun.
As for FBF, if they aren't too close together on the calendar it's worth considering.