Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Along for the Ride

Apologies for the sparsity of blog posts. Alas, I'm battling a rather nasty chest infection here. It has put a kink in my working stride (and when I say kink I don't mean in a good way!) Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly.

In better news, my ebook, ALONG FOR THE RIDE, is now available as a download from Here's a naughty little excerpt.

When Georgie agreed to pose for Calvin, she had no idea his paparazzi pal Jason was coming along for the ride -- or that their menage would endanger them all. Rated: Scorching

Calvin rested one hand on the edge of the easel; the other toyed with the new brush he was about to use, his gaze roving over his subject. She was perfect for the job -- shame he couldn't keep his mind on it. He looked appreciatively at the peaks of her nipples, and lower, at the gentle swell of her belly. The taut line of her thighs led up to the soft dark fur covering her pubis. She was a very sexy lady. He wanted to experience that from the inside. He knew it was only a matter of time until he would. She was up for it, and his cock had been uncomfortably erect inside his jeans for some time, but Cal enjoyed that kind of anticipation. He also enjoyed seeing her squirming, wanting, and restless as a cat in heat. He could be very wicked about such things.

He held the new brush in his hand, the thicket of bristles moving through his beard, absentmindedly. He walked closer, quietly, and stood over her, his arms folded across his chest, contemplating her body with determination.


Her eyes opened. She rolled over and looked up at him through the wave of black hair that swept over her shoulder.

"I'm sorry. I must have dozed off." She laughed and sat up. "What would you like me to do?"

Cal stared at her upturned chin, her lips apart as she awaited his reply. Her cheekbones were wide and full, her eyes dark pools of suggestion, inviting him in to their liquid depths. She had the look of a harem woman, rich with sensuality. He was hungry for a taste of her.

Her gaze fell to the bulge in his jeans, and he noticed the trip in her breathing. She was very aroused. Her body was emanating waves of desire, her glance becoming bold. This appeared to be going exactly where he thought it might.

"Does that feel good?" She gave an insinuating smile, looking up from his groin to his face, where the paintbrush traveled through his beard in regular strokes.

Was she referring to the brush, or to the obvious bulk of his growing cock?

He caught the teasing look in her eye and squatted down beside her, leaning on the strong, taut line of his thighs.

"It feels good, yes. You should feel it, too." He gave her a dark smile and leaned forward, stroking the outline of her face with the dry brush. He followed the fullness of her cheeks, slowly, in a firm but gentle caress. Her mouth opened. He could see the tip of her tongue behind her teeth and sensed the rapid increase in her breathing. He wondered if she was aware of just what a hot little fireball she was.

He traced the line of her jaw, and she dropped her head back, her eyes half-closing as the brush slid down over her neck. Then her hand was on his arm, guiding him. She lay back over the cushions and drew him down with her.

Cal knelt beside her, leaned over her, and followed the lines of the brush with his mouth, tracing them around the voluptuous curves of her body. Beneath her breast the prying brush released a quiet moan from her throat, and he pursued it there. His tongue nestled into the warm moist crease of skin, his senses immediately immersed in the tangy salt of her skin and the aroma of exotic flowers that danced together with her own scents. He took a subtle bite. Her body writhed and lifted. His hand automatically closed over her undulating hip. He wanted to feel that movement from the inside; he wanted to feel her body writhe like that against his cock.

He closed his eyes and concentrated. Her breathing was louder, the scent of her body growing denser as her craving deepened. He turned his face to her legs and ran the brush down the inside of one thigh, then back up the line of the other. Her pelvis flexed up, her mons moving, exposing a glimpse of the hidden silkiness below. Cal contained his urge to bury his face there. He contained the need to press his erect cock deep inside her warmth. Instead, he gently rolled her over.

She was awash with heat. She was opulent, yet taut with restrained lust. He looked at the back of her knees. The hollow was so perfect, like the wind-smoothed surface of the sand dunes.

"I want to find all your most sensitive spots."

She moaned into a cushion.

He smiled. "You are a very beautiful woman." Cal whispered as the brush traced her spine. She hid her face in her hands, her breasts crushed hard against the cushions. She wanted him badly -- every atom of her body told him that. Deep in his core, something primitive roared with pleasure.

"Your spine is so supple."

He dropped to trace her spine with his mouth, moving down her body, crawling down the length of her. She wriggled, whimpering, when he brushed a teasing line of sensation across the top of each thigh, under the curve of her buttocks, her thighs rolling apart to reveal her pink slit.

He darted his tongue down into her cleft, feeling the soft, damp flesh of her sex give way. She swore aloud, twisting her head to look back at him. She was flushed, her hair wild, hanging over her face. A quiet plea escaped her open lips.

"You're like a cat in heat," he whispered. "I could smell you from across the room." He gave a dark chuckle.

"You're in a similar state yourself, if I'm not mistaken." Georgie nodded at his fly.

"How was I supposed to work, with such a distraction, hmm?" He lifted his eyebrows, accusingly. "Now all I want to do is fuck you."

Georgie groaned, her fingers brushing against his thigh. "I couldn't help it; I wanted you."

The brush clattered to the floor.


Jordan Summers said...

Feel better soon. :) Eat lots of chicken soup.

wendywoo said...

Yes, I second Jordan's wishes... Take care and feel better soon.

And as for the excerpt...


My God, that is hot stuff! I love the blend of all out raunch with a delicious lyrical quality. That's what makes the very best kind of erotica for me. It's a rare talent, and you've got it!

Saskia Walker said...

Aww, thanks ladies. Feeling a bit better today and able to focus on work again, thank goodness.

Wendy ~ you made my day!