Sunday, March 05, 2006

A taster from my work in progress

Here's a taste of my current project, SEX, LIES AND BONDAGE TAPE.

Fitness instructor Kelly Burton is a woman on a mission, and this time it’s sneaking backstage at a rock concert to get super star Clayton Warren's autograph for her friend. What she doesn’t factor in is becoming privy to a big media secret, nor being captured by a sexy security guy who sends her pulse racing.

Backstage security man Tommy Samson’s speciality is sending rogue groupies on their way with a playful spank and a threat, but this woman is responding to his behaviour in an entirely different way and very soon they’re locked in hands-on-combat of an intimate kind, kicking off a sequence of crazy sex games back and forth across London.

When Kelly wants to track Tommy down, she has to resort to being a 'groupie' all over again, shanghaiing Clayton Warren and doing a deal over his big media secret to get hold of Tommy’s contact details. Kelly is a stubborn, independent woman who plays the men at their own games, but it only makes Tommy want more, and what Tommy wants...Tommy goes after.

Want more? Go HERE for an excerpt! (NB: link contains adult content)


raine said...

This sounds hot. ;-)

Sasha said...

Looks Very Good!!!

I'm in a stuck spot on mine. I think I'll follow your earlier advice and switch to a different story for today. I don't normally work on more than one, but time right now is too importnat to not work on something.

wendywoo said...

Read your excerpt, Saskia and it's sumptous! Love it! Full of warm characterisation and fun sensuality. Tommy sounds sensational and even after reading only a relatively short piece, you already find yourself rooting for him and Lela to Get It On!!! :)