Saturday, March 25, 2006

Congrats to Jane Thompson

I just wanted to blog quickly about my SUPER STAR fellow SECRETS volume 15 author JANE THOMPSON – who is a finalist in the RITAs for her novella SIMON SAYS. Go Jane!!! I’m so proud of her. SIMON SAYS is a terrific read. I sat down one dreary day when I wasn't feeling good and within pages the story had me laughing out loud and unable to put it down. We want lots more of Jane’s stories to read in this world. Give her a clap and a cheer, she deserves it!

Crazy busy here, I’ve been doing a combo of writing, edits and revisions across a bunch of projects here and it got pretty chaotic. Hopefully things will be a little less busy next week and I'll have time for proper blogging. In the meantime many thanks to all of you who called by to read my excerpt and comment!


wendywoo said...

I'm not familiar with Jane's work, but I've got Simon Says in a Secrets with one of your stories in it, so I'll dig it out and read it... I love discovering different authors via recommends.

Tell me about 'crazy' and 'chaotic'... I've just counted up, and I've got two short stories, one novella and two novels on the hob, all at different stages of startedness and finishedness... plus some web design work!

Saskia Walker said...

Simon Says is Jane's first novella, especially impressive!! You'll LOVE the story. Hot, romantic and SO funny too.