Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Taking tea with Portia Da Costa

Had a wonderful trip out to meet with Wendy Woo today. It’s amazing; three hours can go by in a complete flash. The Café we meet in should give us discount for being there so long, entertaining the many other occupants who eavesdrop on us, and going around for food and beverage so often. We had four or five parties at the table next to us and many of them seemed fascinated by the nature of our conversation. Hey, it’s just an average days work to us erotica authors! :-) At least one of the parties was deaf, which may have been just as well. We noticed one man was riveted, pretending to read his newspaper, and yet not reading it all. Should we have charged him for the side order of fun?

It’s about a year and a half since Wendy and I first met. We were looking back at how different things are for us now, compared to back then. We were both struggling at that time and now we both have editors that we really enjoy working with. We are both involved in lots of exciting projects, and both working on an anthology with another author --- I’m working with Sasha White, and Wendy Woo is working with Madeleine Oh. Often, as a writer, it seems as if nothing moves very fast and these chats about how far we have come are really useful to remind me. I treasure them. It’s such a solitary business and whilst e-mail is great, it’s lovely to get together with a real person have a good natter about our concerns, our joys and our dreams. Wendy and I have a lot of stuff in common too, and I’m so glad I got to meet her! Roll on the next meeting!


wendywoo said...

The pleasure was all mine, chum! Ditto to everything you said... I just can't believe how lucky we are to live so close to each other and be able to meet up on a regular basis. I always come away from out get togethers feeling positive and energised, and able to keep the writing world a healthy perspective.

ps. have just been sniffing my pampering goodies... You must be psychic to be able to pick exactly the right fragrance for me! :)

Sasha said...

YOu are very lucky to be so close to each other!! I wish I could've joined you!!

AND, I can just imagine the entertainment factor of your conversations!! LOl