Monday, February 27, 2006

New novella title

I've been working with Kate Seaver, my editor at Berkley, to find the right title for the novella I'm writing for the KINK anthology. This is the project I'm doing with Sasha White, that I announced a couple of weeks ago. I'm pleased to confirm that my novella will be going out as SEX, LIES AND BONDAGE TAPE. I love it! Hope it makes you smile too, and yes, all those naughty goodies are in the story!

I've added a few of those cute wordmeters at the bottom of my blog sidebar, for the projects I'm working on through March. It's going to be a very busy month. Hopefully the meters will help me keep track of where I'm long as I remember to update them. ;-)


wendywoo said...

That is such an arresting title for your novella! Having seen and enjoyed the movie Sex, Lies and Videotape, your title would immediately grab my interest. :)

Gosh, four projects on the go at once? I am in total awe of you! My brain cell can barely handle one at once. Ask it to decide between toast and bran flakes for breakfast and the hard drive in my head immediately purges the entire plot of my current novel.

I love those little progress-ometers, and I'd love to have one, but Bravejournal doesn't allow for them... and it would be too embarrassing how slowly mine would crawl.

Saskia Walker said...

Wendy ~ I don't promise mine will be moving fast. :-) It's an experiment to help me see where I am at, more than anything. I'm not a fast writer but I can work on a couple of things in tandem, usually a short story in the evenings, to break it up.

Glad you liked the title!!

wendywoo said...

I tend to use Excel spreadsheets to chart my progress. And some days they tell a very dismal story...

But am going to start a brand new one on 1st March, and chart my daily averages and percentages for the rest of the year - thus *not* factoring in the grim post Christmas months of faffing about! :)