Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Erotica at your fingertips

If you’ve been here before you will have seen me mention the Erotic Authors Association, an online resource for writers and readers. I’m a member and supporter. Recently, the EAA launched a signature series of ebooks, a list of top class erotic fiction in many sub genres. If you like reading erotica, check it out. Yes, there are literally dozens of epublishers to choose from nowadays, but this is something a bit different.

What the EAA is offering is published erotic authors works, many that are unavailable elsewhere or for a short time only. The books are being sold at incredibly cheap prices. There’s been talk across the net recently about the price of ebooks and fact that it’s often just as cheap to buy a print book, which undermines the whole ethos of epublishing. The EAA is offering reasonably priced downloads, with part of the income going to support the maintenance and development of the Association, keeping membership free and enabling the reinstatement of its award scheme.

Yesterday I downloaded and read the award wining novella Neptune and Surf by Marilyn Jaye Lewis. The story is an outstanding erotic romance, the tale of a Cuban Chinese prostitute and a black marine who fall in love in 1950’s America. I was totally swept into their story, and deeply moved by it. The writing had an awesome cinematic quality that I loved, and the story was at once sexy, epic and heartfelt. Neptune and Surf will stay with me for a long time. At only 2 dollars, it was the best value I’ve had in years! Tomorrow I treat myself to Cecilia Tan’s Edge Plays, BDSM sci-fi erotica. :-)

Ooh, another internet goody I have to mention, which will be of interest to Poppy Z Brite fans, Poppy just did an open interview on her live journal, answering dozens of question about her life and work. Go here to read.

Oh yeah, and I did get some writing of my own done this past couple of days. ;-) Still behind on my schedule, but getting there!


Jordan Summers said...

Shoot, the link seems to be down. Or maybe it's the server. I'll check it out when it's back up. Thanks for the heads up. :)

Saskia Walker said...

Hi Jordan! You'll see EC author Claire Thompson launched the series!