Saturday, January 07, 2006

On being reviewed

I have to confess that I find the whole experience of reading reviews of my stories awesome, strange, scary and wonderful ~ in varying measures! I’m gradually getting used to it, but it took a while. First time it happened, I was so amazed. Seeing someone I don’t know from Adam talking about my work ~ wow! Is it just me?

Once I'd been through it a few times I started to anticipate the reviews, and that gets nerve racking, especially when I tried something new i.e. suspense (Falling for Trouble) and paranormal (The Strangeling). I’ve had one review where the reviewer really didn’t like the story, but other than that I’ve had the responses I would wish for, and more. Long may it last LOL It helps with my motivation, and with my confidence too ~ which I could always do with more of.

I've struggled getting over flu this past few weeks and some unexpected reviews really helped. Courtesy of Google, I found out that author Paula Beaty had reviewed my novel ALONG FOR THE RIDE. Here's a bit of what she had to say:

FIVE hearts! The characters are vibrant and alive with emotion and extremely comfortable in their skin lending a very real feel to them. This is definitely a keeper for all those self-proclaimed romance book junkies like myself.
Full review.

How could I not love that? That put a big grin on my face when I was feeling rough. Thanks, Paula! I’m so glad you enjoyed Georgie’s story. And on that note, I’m spurred on with the work in progress. ;-)


wendywoo said...

That's a smashing review! Way to go! :)

Sasha White said...

YAY!! Congratulations!!

Glad you feel better too!

raine said...

Congrats on the review!
(I LOVE that cover!)

Saskia Walker said...

Thanks Ladies! It's such a treat when a review comes through months later, when you think they're all done.