Wednesday, January 04, 2006

On being interviewed and WiP

So, the holidays are over and all that remains are the straggling decorations and Christmas cards to be taken down on 12th night. I usually dread the dreary days of January but I feel very positive about it this year. It helps that there's a big blue sky and glorious sunshine over Yorkshire right now.

I’ve just been doing an interview for FALLEN ANGEL REVIEWS. I had a lot of fun with it. I haven’t done an interview by email before. I've conducted them that way (I've interviewed musicians, promoters and artists for arts/music zines,) but up until now I haven't been the subject. It felt good, having the time to think about the answers. I’ve been interviewed as a Black Lace author in the past, on TV (James Whale show,) over the phone for a national magazine (SHE,) and in person by the women's editor for the Yorkshire Evening Post, the local newspaper. They were all fun, but I think the emailed version will be the most complete. Many thanks to Linda Lattimer at FAR for her time and interest – and super questions! I’ll post a link when it goes on line.

Better get back to work on the current WiP, AGAINST THE GRAIN. It’s going well. I’m about 2/3rds in and things are fraught, tense and erotic ~ yum. There’s nothing like a bit of forbidden sex to heighten the danger. ;-)


Sasha White said...

Forbidden Sex is Yummy!!!

Saskia Walker said...

Absolutely, there's nothing like bending the rules a bit. LOL ;;-)