Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Back to blogging

A close family member has been in hospital this past week, until today. I don’t want difficult personal stuff to spill over into my Naughty Lady blog so I went on hiatus for a while. Thankfully everything is returning to normal -- and that means me too.

Expect more naughtiness soon!

I’m now working furiously on a new erotic novel proposal, loving it immensely but worried about placing it. I’m in the strange place I’ve seen other recently-signed novelists in, wondering if I’ll ever get a second bite. My first novel, DOUBLE DARE, (warning: that's an adult content link ;-) is due out later this year. At the moment the project I’m working on feels even more exciting to me, but it's nerve wracking hoping that an editor will feel the same. Yes, if there are any aspiring novelists reading this -- it never gets an easier. Placing that first just means you have to do better and better, working consistently in innovative ways. I knew it would happen and I was eager to be at this point, to have this chance to grow as a writer, but the nerves about subbing don’t go away. I've got a couple of small projects out there now, waiting to hear back on, and this new novel on the boil. Oh, the adrenaline! I'll post more about the project soon.

In other news, I’ll be doing an interview with our own lovely and prolific British Erotica Queen Wendywoo, in the springtime. It will coincide with Wendy’s new release, Entertaining Mr Stone, as well as celebrate her back catalogue and her many Black Lace re-releases for the year. It’s going to be fun and I’m looking forward to it immensely.

Oh and thanks to everyone for your lovely comments on my “Who, me?” post, you’re the best.

Hope you’re all keeping warm, happy and healthy wherever you are. It’s been cold and foggy here in Yorkshire. Can you tell?

“Me and the fire, we go way back.”


Jan Springer said...

Hi Saskia!

Sorry to hear about your close family member being in the hospital. It's no fun to worry.

Congratulations on your upcoming interview with Wendy Woo and the upcoming publication on Double Dare!!!


Don't worry you just keep writing and the editors will snap up your stuff!! *jan snapping her whips*

Sending you a big hug from chilly, snowy Canada.


ZaZa said...

Big Cat has the right idea. I wish our fireplace worked.

Saskia Walker said...

Thanks Jan (grin!) I hear your whip snapping and I'm running back to my new novel ;-)

wendywoo said...

'lovely and prolific British Erotica Queen'? I like that! I like that very much! :)

Just hope I can live up to it when I answer your questions.

I also like your gorgeous, gorgeous Big Cat! What a sublime moggie!