Thursday, December 15, 2005

Books and films

Very quick post today. Off to see The Libertine tonight, and I’ve got heaps to do before then. One good thing, checked my dates and found out one short story doesn’t have to be done until mid-January, so whilst I don’t want to delay on my schedule I can spill over into next month with that one if I have to. I’ve got my next big novel banging away inside my head wanting to be let out, (despite the fact it’s something like fourth in the queue to be written,) and that’s on the list for a January start.

A bit of good news – SECRETS Volume 15 has reached British shores and is now shipping from! Yay! The reviews have been great, and sales so far look super good. In the US Amazon ratings the book has been in the top 25 romance anthologies since availability, and in the top 100 romance bestsellers overall for part of the time. Whilst those figures only relate to Amazon sales, it's very encouraging. This volume contains my novella FALLING FOR TROUBLE, along with three other steamy erotic romance stories from Jane Thompson, Cynthia Eden and Leigh Court. Want to know more? Go here.


wendywoo said...

Absolutely brilliant about the big idea banging away in your brain like that! I bet it's a cracker! With me, they [ideas, that is] just diffidently mumble the odd monosyllable now and again, and eventually have to be wrenched agonisingly from the old grey matter like the proverbial blood from a stone...

Okay, I'm exaggerating just a bit! You know me... :)

Am off to order Secrets from!

ps. enjoy The Libertine!

Saskia Walker said...

Wendy ~ the big idea is only half formed, but I don't want the bits I've got in mind to slip away. Have been doing notes, so hopefully I won't lose it while keeping up with the other stuff.

OOh, thanks, hope you enjoy Secrets 15!!! Let me and the gals know!

wendywoo said...

Yeah, I have to do that... Bang down any scraps of ideas on paper or 'puter as *soon* as I have them... because it's no use saying 'oh, I'll remember that' because I just won't! Thirty seconds later, I'm thinking about chocolate or the Vinster... and my writing brain is empty again! :)