Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Publication news! It's time for THE OFFICE SCANDAL

 Hey folks!

Today is publication day. THE OFFICE SCANDAL began as a Harlequin Spice Brief, but the characters stayed with me and once rights returned, I had to go back and spend more time with them. I loved these three and had such fun writing about their relationship. 

For the next few days only the digital book is 99c or equivalent at all retailers. It's a short novel, or long novella, whichever you prefer ;) Perfect for a seductive afternoon's reading. If you pick it up I hope you enjoy!

“Which sexual fantasy is your ultimate turn-on?” 

How is Anya Reid supposed to control her desire for her gorgeous colleague, Warren McClure, when he asks questions about her sexual fantasies on their very first date? Anya wants Warren—and she has wanted to be more adventurous in bed for a long time—but she never expected him to be so direct…or to correctly guess a ménage is her secret desire. Soon Warren isn’t just talking about Anya’s fantasies, he’s making them come true. Introducing her to his buddy Joe, a dreamy surfer-type who’s one hell of a hunk, Warren offers Anya a sexual adventure—an opportunity to experiment. Emotions tangle, and when news of their torrid affair breaks across their mutual workspace the resulting scandal brings chaos and conflict to an already fraught love-triangle. Anya is falling hopelessly in love with both her lovers, but do Warren and Joe want a proper relationship, or are they only interested in erotic games?

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