Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A couple of apologies to my readers…

A couple of apologies to my readers…

First of all for those readers who might’ve been looking for a print copy of The Jezebel over the past 2-3 weeks. This book has been subject to a “glitch” at Createspace and has been repeatedly suppressed. It’s been an extremely stressful time as they also threatened my entire account as a result of some technical hitch no one could explain.... I've had an apology from them now but as yet still fighting the system trying to get Jezebel back out there. 

Also, for those readers who’ve put in an advance order for Sean, book 3 in the Coded for Love Series, I'm going to have to push it back in the schedule due to personal circumstances with a family member in hospital. I’m so sorry! I'm gutted to have to do this but it's beyond my control. I hope readers will understand. I'm going to cancel it completely but hope it’ll be coming out within 6 weeks of its original due date, May 15th.

I'm not here often at the minute so if anyone needs to get in touch with me as a matter of urgency please email me at the usual address or through the contact page on my website.

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